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3 Fun Ways To Do Physical Activity At Home With Your Family During Easter

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3 Fun Ways To Do Physical Activity At Home With Your Family During Easter
3 Fun Ways To Do Physical Activity At Home With Your Family During Easter

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The time at home will always be conducive to building memories with the family, but sometimes -especially when there are little ones at home and excess free time- it can become an adventure for the parents, since it is they who have to find clever ideas to entertain the youngest of the clan.

Of course, one of the biggest challenges for parents is being able to incorporate physical activities into their daily routines. For Paula Zabala, a psychologist at Florida International University (FIU) and a Montessori education specialist, the best way for children to exercise is through activities that combine movement and concentration.

"These types of games help children to be mentally active with activities in which they are learning and at the same time developing motor skills with their bodies," added Zabala, who was also a professional tennis player and has worked for several years in the development of young tennis talents at multiple locations in the United States.

Here we share some ideas that Paula recommended for us to do with the children at home, which they will not only love, but will also allow them to focus all their energy on an activity with a learning purpose and with which they will be on the move.


Hopscotch with cutouts

Hopscotch, also known as luche or golosa, is one of the most traditional children's games in Latin America and also requires a lot of concentration. Although generally this game takes place in open spaces, where the floor can be painted, this is an ingenious way that Zabala recommends us and that is perfect for entertaining the kids.

So that you do not have to paint or scratch the floor of your house, you can create with the boys the pictures that will make up the hopscotch board. Take colored sheets of paper and decorate them with cut-outs of your hands. This will add some creativity to the process.

Create a hopscotch board with the leaves and place the direction of the hands pointing in different directions, this will indicate to the children how their feet should jump and fall on each leaf. You can create your own rules and variations to increase the level of difficulty and concentration.

Paper maze

This is a fun game that will require all the concentration of the little ones and in which they will also be working on body skills such as balance.

In the best style of the movie Entrapment, starring actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, in a corridor of your house create a maze with paper or tape. The objective is that your little ones have to move through it without breaking or taking off the strips.


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Songs with movement

From the little ones at home to grandparents, they will enjoy a fun dance session to the rhythm of some of the most popular children's songs of the moment.

Create your own dance and movement routines for each of the songs. You will see how everyone at home will have a time full of movement, laughter and fun. You can use songs and videos that you will find on YouTube channels specialized in children and that have millions of followers such as Super Simple Songs, Kids TV or BabyBus, among others.

According to Zabala's recommendation, some of these ideas and many more can be found on the HelloWonderful.com online site, which aims to share ideas and activities to do at home with children.

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