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William Valdés Stays In Mexico

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William Valdés Stays In Mexico
William Valdés Stays In Mexico

Video: William Valdés Stays In Mexico

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Video: William Taudien and Maria Crowley Visited us in Bucerias for TACO TUESDAY! Esquina 22 Bucerias 2023, February


William Valdés has a new house. The Cuban, who in the past worked at Univisión and Televisa fully joined the ranks of TV Azteca's morning show Venga la Alegría in Mexico. The news comes after he was one of the substitutes during the quarantine of Patricio Borghetti, who tested positive for coronavirus. "I am very happy," said Valdés exclusively.

You have new house

When Patricio tested positive for the coronavirus, I was asked to do the show. I integrate as a driver. Everyone told me to stay.


How is the dynamics with your peers?

It is a new house for me, but it has always been very good for me, coupling with everything, it is difficult but easy to understand. I get along very well with everyone. They have behaved very well, what happened to me in Despierta América (Univision) has happened to me, they are helping me, I already have my Alan Tacher and my Karlita.

Are you staying in Tierra Azteca?

I stay in Mexico because I want to grow here. My biggest dream is to return to Miami because I want to be with my family because that's where I grew up and that's where all of mine is, but I'm not afraid to start from scratch and I'm very happy here, I know I'm going to grow a lot. The company is betting on me and I know that I will grow a lot around here.

Would you go back to Telemundo or Univision?

If you open the doors in Miami on Telemundo or Univision in any project, welcome

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