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William Valdés Leaves The Hoy And Televisa Program

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William Valdés Leaves The Hoy And Televisa Program
William Valdés Leaves The Hoy And Televisa Program

Video: William Valdés Leaves The Hoy And Televisa Program

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William Valdés, leaves the Hoy program, but does not say a final goodbye to Televisa, so what will he do? The Cuban driver, who in the past worked on Despierta América (Univision) and Good Morning Family (Estrella TV) told us exclusively.

Is it true that you quit the Hoy program?

It is a lie that I renounce Televisa. I'll just be absent, but at no time did I quit and at no time was I fired either.

For how long?

I got the opportunity to participate in a show for Xfinity Latino Entretainment Channel, I'm going to grow a lot. The doors are still open with the producer of Hoy, and I have other projects that I had talked about on Televisa. When I want to return I have the doors open.


Do you leave Mexico then?

It is a very good opportunity, it allows me to be with my family in Miami and my mother needs help. I will continue living in Mexico because there are some very good projects that are coming. In fact there are several closed. I'm going to Miami for a month and a half. What I want is that people do not pigeonhole me as a presenter in the morning and I do not want to stay there, I want to grow. I want to do other kinds of shows. So I took this opportunity.

Are there no talks for Telemundo either?

I'm not going to Telemundo. The show that I am going to do is recorded on Telemundo and is recorded there because the external production is renting the studios within Telemundo in Miami. But it is a lie that I will be the presenter of A new day, but I would love to, it would be incredible, but Telemundo has not come close. It would be a dream come true.

William Valdes
William Valdes

When will your last day be today?

Next week ends on Wednesday in Today. Immediately I will go to Miami and I will do a show for the Hispanic community in the United States, I will talk about soap operas, movies. I will be the image in Xfinity to let your clients know what programming they are going to have. I will do that for a short time because very cool things come. It is not even because I am problematic and unstable, I am just looking for new opportunities in my career.

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