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Airbnb Offers Free Accommodation To Medical Personnel, Who Qualifies?

Airbnb Offers Free Accommodation To Medical Personnel, Who Qualifies?
Airbnb Offers Free Accommodation To Medical Personnel, Who Qualifies?

The Airbnb company announced that it will provide free or subsidized accommodation to medical workers who are assisting during the coronavirus outbreak around the world.

This was reported by the company's co-founder, Joe Gebbia, through his Instagram account, where the executive added that the idea is that his company and hosts provide a home in times of crisis to around 100,000 people who are serving patients diagnosed with coronavirus.

The Open Home project envisages that Airbnb waive all fees associated with a stay and that members of organizations associated with the project - such as the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, the International Rescue Committee and the Corps International Medical- can find free and easy accommodation for their staff.

"We have heard from countless hosts around the world who want to provide a comforting home for heroic first responders. We are connecting our non-profit partners, government agencies and others with our amazing host community to work together in these extraordinary times," he said. Gebbia.

To obtain the accommodation you must create an account on the official website of the company and complete the form with personal information. Then, the destination, travel dates and number of guests are indicated and the most convenient place is selected before sending a request to the host.

In case you want to offer accommodation, you must also create a profile. Once connected, accommodation details are provided (where is your location, how many people can be accommodated and when will it be available). Finally, the organizations involved in the project will send a message to confirm if it complies with the standards established by the company.

Hosts must adhere to strict standards of safety and cleanliness, as people who stay have increased exposure to the highly contagious virus, CNN explains.

The idea for Open Homes came from Airbnb hosts in 2012 after Hurricane Sandy hit New York. On that occasion, they offered their homes for free to neighbors who were forced to evacuate.

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