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Man Who Took Chloroquine To Cure Coronavirus Dies

Man Who Took Chloroquine To Cure Coronavirus Dies
Man Who Took Chloroquine To Cure Coronavirus Dies

Video: Man Who Took Chloroquine To Cure Coronavirus Dies

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Video: Man Dies After Taking Chloroquine Phosphate To Prevent Coronavirus | TODAY 2023, January

An Arizona couple has been embroiled in a tragedy after trying to self-medicate against the coronavirus by consuming chloroquine, a chemical used in antimalarial drugs and which has recently grabbed hold of flat after being singled out by President Donald Trump as a possible cure against of COVID-19.

According to a press release from the Banner Health clinic in Phoenix, on Monday the man and his wife - both in their sixth decade of life - ingested chloroquine phosphate in their attempt to fight the virus. The chemical is available to the public because it is commonly used to clean aquariums.

Within 30 minutes of ingesting the chemical, the couple began to experience the effects of chloroquine and had to be admitted to the Banner Health hospital.

Maricopa County Police have declined to disclose the identities of those affected, but indicates that although the couple had symptoms similar to those that occur after contracting COVID-19, they had not been tested for the virus and it is not believed that they had. been infected, which makes this tragedy even more crushing.


"They have to be careful," said Daniel Brooks, Medical Director of Medicines and Toxicology at Banner Health, in the statement. "Given the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, we understand that people are trying to find new ways to prevent or treat the virus, but self-medication is not the way to do it."

The case occurs just days after President Trump, in a press conference at the White House, indicated that scientists are testing the anti-malaria drug chloroquine and the experimental drug remdesivir in their efforts to find a cure for the disease. respiratory emerged in China. The coronavirus has caused a pandemic that has already claimed the lives of more than 17,000 people worldwide and has infected more than 398,000, according to the Johns Hopkins University accountant.

"This could have a very positive effect, or a positive effect, maybe not much but perhaps positive," Trump exclaimed at the conference, held on March 21. "It's very exciting".

Chloroquine has been used since 1944 to combat malaria and other viral effects. According to the official site of the Centers for Communicable Disease Prevention (CDC) "Overdose of antimalarial drugs, particularly chloroquine, can be fatal. The drug should be kept in child-resistant containers, away out of the reach of babies and children."

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