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Coronavirus: Britain Under Closure For Pandemic Boom

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Coronavirus: Britain Under Closure For Pandemic Boom
Coronavirus: Britain Under Closure For Pandemic Boom

Video: Coronavirus: Britain Under Closure For Pandemic Boom

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Video: The economy will be 'booming' in 2021 when Covid-19 pandemic ends: Hennessy Funds 2023, February

After initially reluctant to impose drastic measures, Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson has had to give up and order strict preventive measures to prevent the coronavirus from spreading.

The restrictions adopted by Johnson had not been seen in the United Kingdom since the terrible years of World War II. As of Tuesday, 66 million Britons will have to stay home for at least three weeks. The only thing that will be allowed from now on is to make essential purchases, go out only for medical emergencies or to go to work, in the cases of those who cannot do it from home. Exercise outdoors should be brief and solo or with roommates, and any gathering of more than two people will be prohibited, according to the BBC.

Those who disregard orders will confront law enforcement officers, as from this "moment of national emergency" - as Johnson has called it - fines will be imposed on violators.

"They should not meet with friends. If their friends ask them to meet, they must say no," Johnson warned in a televised message to the nation and reported by the London newspaper The Guardian. "They should not meet with members. of the family who don't live with you…. If you don't follow the rules, the police have all the powers to make [them comply] ".

The pressure to carry out the quarantine even came from the citizens themselves who made their opinion felt on networks:

Johnson's decision comes after pressure exerted in the country after the closure of borders and the imposition of similar measures in multiple countries of the European Union due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to multiple media, the prime minister was resisting the complete closure but had to give in to warnings from his advisers that the country was heading to the same stage as Italy with a dramatic increase in the number of cases.

"Without this huge national effort to stop the virus from spreading, there will come a time when no health service in the world can deal with it in any way," he explained in his message. "Because there won't be enough fans, enough beds to care for [the sick], enough doctors and nurses."

Deaths from the virus already number 335 in the UK, while cases of contagion are on the rise.

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