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WHO: Quarantine Is Not Enough To Stop Coronavirus

WHO: Quarantine Is Not Enough To Stop Coronavirus
WHO: Quarantine Is Not Enough To Stop Coronavirus

Video: WHO: Quarantine Is Not Enough To Stop Coronavirus

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Video: Infectious Disease Expert on COVID-19 Self-Quarantine 2023, January

For the World Health Organization (WHO) quarantines and social isolation are insufficient to stop the increase of COVID-19 infections if at the same time no effort is made to detect all cases and those affected are isolated.

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Gebreyesus called on all countries to carry out screening programs for all suspected cases of infection so that it is urgently determined who is infected. "[It is impossible] to extinguish a fire blindly," he stressed.

Carl Goldman
Carl Goldman

"Asking people to stay home and other physical distancing measures are an important way to slow the spread of the virus and save time, but they are defensive measures. You can't win a football match just by defending yourself. You have to attack too,”he added on his Twitter account.

Gebreyesus urged to adopt "aggressive and specific tactics" that lead to detect who is infected to insulate him, treat him and identify who he was in contact with.

In addition, it was reported that laboratory kits are being manufactured every day to meet the global demand for analysis and that the WHO has sent around 1.5 million of these tests to 120 countries around the world, according to the website of the Organization of the United Nations (UN).

WHO Executive Director Mike Ryan warned that if blockages are made, but prevention and isolation measures are not taken for those infected, the danger of the disease rebounding increases, the Reuters news agency reported.

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