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Coronavirus: Street Vendor Cries At Generous Gesture

Coronavirus: Street Vendor Cries At Generous Gesture
Coronavirus: Street Vendor Cries At Generous Gesture

Video: Coronavirus: Street Vendor Cries At Generous Gesture

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Video: How Coronavirus Outbreak Is Affecting Street Vendors | COVID 19 2023, February

In these difficult times that are caused by the coronavirus, many families are adrift on the economic issue, how will we get ahead if we cannot go to work and have no income?

Worse still is the situation for street vendors, who, due to the mandatory quarantines that are being replicated in different countries and states, find themselves without people on the streets overnight and automatically remain even without their minimum income.

A coconut vendor in Medellín starred in a video that has gone viral, thanks to a donation that ended up drawing tears at the generous gesture of people he was trying to sell his merchandise to.

"Great humanitarian gesture! In Medellín, a couple approached a coconut vendor, who was very surprised. The couple bought the candy for 300 thousand pesos due to the low sale by COVID-19. The man, in tears, could not believe what was happening. What a thrill. Is incredible. I have no food in the house. God pay them, said the seller, "comments the text under the video.

The terrible face of the coronavirus shows us another friendlier and more humane, that of the solidarity that is born of people to help known and unknown people, in the face of this fearsome pandemic that already leaves tens of thousands of deaths around the world.


Apparently, the gesture of this couple has already inspired other people and both famous and non-famous citizens in Colombia are helping less favored people. The creators called this initiative "From saying to doing", similar to another that runs "Ties that offer hope in Medellín".

With them, it is expected to be able to help some 800 street vendors in the capital who are older adults and belong to the group most at risk from COVID-19. They want to help them with that money to cover their expenses so that they can also isolate themselves and avoid the spread of coronavirus.

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