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Chinese Truck Driver Caught 20 Days Coronavirus

Chinese Truck Driver Caught 20 Days Coronavirus
Chinese Truck Driver Caught 20 Days Coronavirus

Video: Chinese Truck Driver Caught 20 Days Coronavirus

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Video: Chinese Police Force Family Into Coronavirus Quarantine 2023, February

Before the coronavirus became a pandemic, its outbreak in China caused an unprecedented crisis that to date continues to affect millions.

But it is the daily stories and personal drama of citizens trapped by the epidemic that have shaken public opinion. One of them is that of a carrier who was trapped in his truck when multiple cities denied him entry for carrying license plates from Hubei, the province where Wuhan is located, the city where the mysterious coronavirus first emerged.

It was Xiao Hongbing himself who, telephone in hand, began to relate the true ordeal that he lived on board his truck when he made deliveries and when trying to return to the aforementioned province, he was prevented from entering because it was completely sealed outside the country in january.

In the dramatic video Hongbing is seen showing his truck still loaded with goods. Her bulging eyes, her face show the terrible fatigue after 20 days driving on highways and roads without being able to stop. 'My greatest hope, "he says," is to be able to find a place where I can stop. Sleep well and eat something. That would make me really happy."

"I have license plates from Hubei province so people are very sensitive to it. Starting with Sichuan province. They did not allow me to get off in service areas or get off on the highway," he continues in his narration with a broken voice. "Sometimes while driving I slap myself to stay awake and not fall asleep."

Police uploaded a video on social media to reveal the driver's drama and it went viral, The Wall Street Journal reveals. "Why did he stop?" they asked the driver. "I'm so tired!" From Hubei to Sichuan I have been driving non-stop for three days."

Thanks to the popularity of the video, the poor man has received about $ 1,400 in donations to subsist, because according to what he reveals he has already spent all his money since leaving his home.

According to the video - published on Tuesday 10 by the aforementioned financial newspaper - Hongbing still cannot return home and is practically trapped in Hazhong city, about 500 miles from Hubei.

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