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What To Do If Your Work Is Affected By The Coronavirus?

What To Do If Your Work Is Affected By The Coronavirus?
What To Do If Your Work Is Affected By The Coronavirus?

Video: What To Do If Your Work Is Affected By The Coronavirus?

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Coronavirus disease has already been declared as a pandemic, that is, this disease is spreading in multiple countries and territories with contagion at a local and large level.

The official announcement made this Wednesday by the World Health Organization (WHO) has once again plunged the markets into red numbers. At the individual level, the epidemic is affecting a large part of the population, both payroll and self-employed. Many wonder what will happen if the coronavirus affects their work or even lose it.

"To help businesses, the United States government has implemented a monetary policy and lowered interest rates," Carlos Garcia, the graduate finance expert at the prestigious Massachusetts MIT and founder of FinHabits, tells People en Español. "This with the intention of helping companies have access to cheaper credit, and can face the drop in income and pay for their employees."

"It is important to be informed about what is happening so as not to panic," advises García about the effect that the pandemic will have on everyone's finances. "I always recommend having a short-term emergency plan with Finhabits is a good idea because it can give you peace of mind in times like these. If you already have a long-term plan such as an investment or retirement account, the most important is not to panic and remember that the stock tends to rise in the long term."

This Friday at 3:00 p.m. EST, President Donald Trump will address the nation in a message expected to declare a national emergency.

A nivel nacional empresas que emplean a miles, como Amazon, Walmart, Target, McDonald's, Uber y otros están intentando mantener las cosas bajo control, aunque mucho empleados se preocupan porque en algunos casos las horas que no laboran no se les pagan.

In fear of losing revenue, on Tuesday 10 multiple companies announced that they will reconsider their policies to protect their employees as the epidemic progresses. Walmart, the private company that generates the most jobs in the nation - with 1.5 million workers - announced that those workers who are quarantined or diagnosed with the virus will receive up to two weeks of their salary and that such absences "will not count as their attendance "at work, according to The New York Times. Those employees who become infected and need more time to recover will be compensated for up to 26 weeks, it was said.

Announcement from Darden Restaurants, company that owns Olive Garden and Longhorn Steakhouses, among others, informing that hourly employees will receive the benefit of sick leave for up to 30 days.

For its part, Uber announced that those drivers who are diagnosed with Covid-19 (as the virus has been scientifically designated) "will receive financial assistance for up to 14 days while their account is frozen." For its part, the company Lyft, a competitor to Uber, announced that it "will provide funds" for drivers who are affected or quarantined.

"Every time there are extreme events or natural disasters we closely monitor what is happening in our communities," a Walmart spokeswoman told Business Insider. "We adjust our operations and policies, such as ignoring [work] absences as appropriate - the case of the coronavirus is no different."

"We are putting our staff on teams that work on demand services, such as mobile and take-away orders," said Brian Cornell, CEO of Target, in an official statement. "Of course we are giving our staff up-to-date guidance on what is happening and informing them on how to stay safe and their families." This option is helping to recover the hours employees may lose working on new teams that need more support.

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