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Crisis In The Dominican Republic: Celebrities React

Crisis In The Dominican Republic: Celebrities React
Crisis In The Dominican Republic: Celebrities React

Video: Crisis In The Dominican Republic: Celebrities React

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The "technical failure" that caused the suspension of municipal elections in the Dominican Republic has generated a strong social unrest that many celebrities have echoed through messages on networks.

The singer-songwriter Juan Luis Guerra described on Twitter the embarrassment of the electoral process just four hours after it started last Sunday, February 16, which prevented the election of councilmen, trustees and municipal directors.

"Long ago I received letters from Mr. [President] Danilo Media congratulating me on the awards, I never knew what to do with it … Tomorrow I come to Santo Domingo to burn them. Corrupt”, wrote the also singer-songwriter Vicente García on Instagram.

Actor Carlos de la Mota also expressed his anger and irritation at the Dominican political situation, while stressing that regardless of social class, all those affected by the situation are Dominicans. He also assured that he will join the protests that have been taking place in different parts of the country.

According to versions of the Central Electoral Board (JCE), the automated voting system that was used for the first time in these elections failed to present all candidates and parties on the screens of the voting machine.

The fact generated massive protests from various sectors, which allege sabotage and fraud by the government party. The protests left several wounded and two dead, one in Santo Domingo and the other in the Barahona province, in the south of the country.


Protestants demand the resignation of the full members of the JCE and their alternates. They also ask that those responsible for the "sabotage" of the electoral computer system be found.

The municipal elections have been postponed until next Sunday, March 15 and physical ballots will be used to vote. The decision was backed by a mission of the Organization of American States (OAS).

According to the BBC, the Dominican Republic invested around $ 19 million in the acquisition of new technology to implement automated voting.

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