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Celebrities React To Shootings In El Paso And Ohio

Celebrities React To Shootings In El Paso And Ohio
Celebrities React To Shootings In El Paso And Ohio

Video: Celebrities React To Shootings In El Paso And Ohio

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Video: Music Stars React to Mass Shootings in El Paso and Dayton | Billboard News 2023, January

The celebrities reacted with great dismay after hearing the news of the shootings in El Paso, Texas and later in Dayton, Ohio.

Almost thirty fatalities add up to the two terrible events that occurred this Saturday. The first shooting occurred in the Walmart shopping center in the Texas city, in which twenty people lost their lives, as reported by Governor Greg Abbott. Dozens of people were injured as evidenced by the strong images that were captured lying in the parking lot. In less than 14 hours, another place in the United States was suffering a new massacre. Dayton was starring in another shooting where the death toll rose to ten and the wounded to nearly thirty.

The artists expressed solidarity with the families and the victims of what happened, requesting action by the authorities.

"I wake up with deep pain in my heart. To all those who lost loved ones this weekend, my deepest condolences. May God help bring some relief to your deep pain. It is a time of mourning yes, but it is also a time of reflection, and above all to raise our voices and say ENOUGH NOW. Let's respect ourselves, let's accept ourselves, let's unite”, published the journalist María Elena Salinas.

For her part, the presenter of Al Rojo Vivo (Telemundo), María Celeste Arrarás, expressed: “I finish my vacation to immediately return to the United States and report, tomorrow Monday, everything about the massacre in El Paso. It weighs on my heart after knowing the details.”

In a second post, Arrarás said: "out of respect for the victims of El Paso and Ohio today, Sunday, not to post anything else on my networks."

"There are no words! I join the pain of each family and pray that God will give them strength after this terrible tragedy. We need more love and less hate. Let's pray for peace,”said Giselle Blondet.

Ernesto Laguardia, Adamari López, Jorge Bernal, Jomari Goyso and more famous people spoke before the events.

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