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Thalía Presents Her Song You Already Know Me
Thalía Presents Her Song You Already Know Me

Video: Thalía Presents Her Song You Already Know Me

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Video: Birdy - Nobody Knows Me Like You Do [Official Visualiser] 2023, January


Thalía announced that she will be one of the conductors of Premio lo Nuestro with Pitbull and Alejandra Espinoza and also presented her new song "Ya tu me me coneces", which she performs with Mau and Ricky.

You haven't stopped working …

We must give it, we must continue without stopping.


How did you decide to join Mau and Ricky having such different careers?

[We are] different and not so much because we have a few years of history. They gave me a while ago one of my romantic ballads, "For the rest of my life", they gave me this song, from there I met them, we did chemistry.

And now that you are exploring other rhythms, they fell like a ring on your finger …

Now that I've been on the wave [reggaeton] for a year and [produce] the new music, [they] found out that I was in the studio and wrote "I don't remember", and I said 'don't give this song to anyone else, that's for me. ' They gave it to me, but I wanted to do a fun, dynamic and cool lift. They are nice people, they are good people.


We know that despite the discomforts that Lyme disease brings, you keep going and you don't stop working

Every day you get up and feel that a truck passed you. Right now I have a pain [in the back]. [But] it is the mind, this process of my new life is [my mind that helps]. You have to overcome pain, sadness, all the tests that life puts on you. Every moment and every moment [you have to] do things that make you feel good. I do my diet because I like to eat healthy it makes me have more energy, not to look good, I also exercise because that gives me energy.

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