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David Bisbal Releases Album In Your Plans
David Bisbal Releases Album In Your Plans

Video: David Bisbal Releases Album In Your Plans

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Video: David Bisbal, Carrie Underwood - Tears Of Gold 2023, January


After two years of waiting, David Bisbal returns to the music scene with En tus planes (Universal Music Latin), a nine-song album, among which are “Starting today” with Sebastián Yatra, “Perdón” with Greeicy, "Kiss me" with Juan Magán and "I'll open the door" with Alejandro Fernández. Why do you have to listen to this album? Those who told us the Spanish singer shook us.

How would you define this professional moment that you are living?

I am enjoying a lot. I want to continue evolving and I want to continue working my voice to maintain it.


How did you choose to work your duets?

In my case it has a lot to do with how you get along with the artists. The song I made with Sebastián Yatra [for example], I remember Sebastián was just beginning his career. I met him at a concert in London, at that time he had a Latin rumba and I talked to him, he fell spectacularly and I invited him to sing with me and it turned out that the song has worked very well for me.

Then Greeicy, I looked at her very well in everything she did on social networks and I realized that she was an artist who did everything well. It was another surprise. And with Juan Magán and Alejandro Fernández, it is already a long-standing friendship.


What is the best that this album brings?

The genre of the rumba is what is present again. But evidently with the maturity of time and current music. I have innovative songs. We don't just focus on commercial songs or songs that will be heard on the radio. On this album I spoke to people to tell me what they wanted to hear.

Do you have a spoiled song?

I have several. I have “Amor amé”, it is a song of spectacular strength, it is for dancing, but the lyrics have helped me make it Antonio Orozco, it is not the typical song to dance with simple lyrics. "If you want it" and other songs that are not so commercial.


You speak of a musical maturity …

Time has made me more capable of organizing the day. It is very hard to combine my personal life, which for me is the most important thing above music. Sometimes we have to be inspired by the letters that belong to our life. It is clear that time always gives you the opportunity to continue evolving not only as an artist, but also as a person. There is a very special song for me, for example, “Sabrás”, [which] is a song that I dedicate to my ten-month-old son talking about the love of his 10-year-old sister. I am happy to have songs like this because although you can listen to them, if you do not know that story, it is clear that if it coincides with any moment of your life, you will also make it yours.

How long did it take you to put together this album?

A year and a half to compile the entire repertoire. Not to mention that the first singles like Greeicy and Sebastián Yatra started for two years.

David Bisbal, Rosanna Zanetti
David Bisbal, Rosanna Zanetti

How do you work your voice?

My work begins with sports and preparation. To have a healthy life. And preparation will make your body strong. Practice is very important too.

Why listen to your plans?

It is what you have asked me, it is your requests. It is a summary of my entire career, with all the musical genres that I have been defending until today.

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