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Who Are The Colombian Dancers Who Will Be With Jennifer López In The Super Bowl?
Who Are The Colombian Dancers Who Will Be With Jennifer López In The Super Bowl?

Video: Who Are The Colombian Dancers Who Will Be With Jennifer López In The Super Bowl?

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To say that the LIV edition of the Super Bowl will have Latinos as great protagonists is not an exaggeration, since everything is predisposed so that on the night of the great game the flavor of Hispanics will fill the game with good vibes between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs.

Miami's choice for Super Bowl 2020, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez to headline the Halftime Show, and Demi Lovato to sing the national anthem of the United States have created the perfect storm to transform the night of February 2 into Hard Rock. Stadium in a celebration of Latin culture.

A very special detail is also stealing the attention of the expected presentation of the Diva from the Bronx, since on stage she will be accompanied by a group of Colombian dancers who embody the joy and flavor of one of the most emblematic rhythms of Latin America: the sauce.

From Cali, Colombia, to the world! Swing Latino is called the group of salsa dancers who will be on stage alongside Alex Rodríguez's fiancée and her presence at Super Bowl LIV will undoubtedly put millions of people dancing.

Swing Latino, Super Bowl, Jennifer López
Swing Latino, Super Bowl, Jennifer López

The big stages are not new for this renowned Colombian dance group, since they have already been part of Jennifer Lopez's tours in the past, they were on the stage of the Gammys in 2019, they were finalists of the famous reality show World of Dance and They even starred in a soap opera called A Dream Called Salsa.

Luis Eduardo Hernández, known as “Mulato” and who is an icon in the world of salsa, is the director of Swing Latino and People en Español had the opportunity to speak with this dance star about the great opportunity they have to be in one of the most watched television shows on the planet.

How did you hear about the invitation to be in the Super Bowl?

We first learned that Jennifer Lopez and Shakira would be in the Super Bowl, at that time we were wrapping up the tour (with JLo) and celebrating their 50th birthday. A month later, when we had returned to Cali, we were called to tell us that Swing Latino had been chosen to participate in the Super Bowl with Jennifer López. It was a spectacular emotion because of the importance of participating in the Super Bowl for an artist, not everyone has the opportunity to be in a game as important as this one.

How does it feel to know that salsa and the iconic caleño dance style will be seen by millions of people in one of the largest sports shows in the world?

It is very satisfying, because one realizes that things have been done well. This is why I try to keep my dance style as it is believed with my wife. With my “dance” I have been able to conquer 130 countries, be on stages where salsa had never been and now in an event as important as the Super Bowl, directly from Cali, Colombia. For me this is very significant, it is something very important and the Swing Latino dancers value it. All the people (in the world of salsa) know how important it is that a school (salsa) is coming to this.

How did Swing Latino's relationship with JLo come about?

Our relationship with Jennifer López was born when we participated in the reality show Q'Viva! The Chosen (Univision), in 2010. This reality was made by Jennifer López with Marc Anthony. The one who discovered us was Marc Anthony, not Jennifer, but the one who stayed with us was not the salsa player but Jennifer López. That's where this relationship was born, I told her what my dream was and since then she has been helping me to achieve it: having a show here in the United States or spending a season in one of the Las Vegas arenas.

What does it mean to you to be in such a big event with megastars like JLo and Shakira?

We are not dancers from Los Angeles, from New York, we are not the ballet of Russia, no, it is the Mulato, a Latino from the Agua Blanca district (Cali, Colombia) to the world; this is a wonderful thing for me. It is a dream from which one does not want to wake up, to see how we have been able to break all the patterns of the salsa de Cali dance style. El Mulato and his Latin Swing has broken them all, look where we are and who we are with. It is a great pride, not only for us, for all of Cali and for all of Colombia.

Furthermore, we are convinced that the doors that are opening are not only for Latin Swing, but for all salsa dancers in Colombia. The message that is being given is very large. What has been worked over the years has been very hard, but the fruits are already being gathered thanks to the Lord.

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