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Los Angeles Quarantined Passenger For Coronavirus

Los Angeles Quarantined Passenger For Coronavirus
Los Angeles Quarantined Passenger For Coronavirus

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Video: L.A. County orders 10-day quarantine for travelers 2023, February

A person who traveled from Mexico to Los Angeles is under observation by specialist doctors after presenting symptoms similar to those of someone infected with the coronavirus.

American Airlines company flight 2546 touched down on US soil on Wednesday, January 22, around 6:45 pm and upon arrival at the Los Angeles airport a passenger - unknown whether male or female - was immediately transported to a nearby hospital where he was quarantined.

The suspicion of infection occurs when hours before the Los Angeles Department of Public Health had announced that "it was very possible" that at least one case of coronavirus would be seen in that city due to the high number of flights operating between the south from California and China, the country where the virus originated.


According to reports from the Daily Mail newspaper, members of the Fire Department started a "deep contamination process" at the Los Angeles International Airport after the passenger from Mexico - whose identity has not been revealed - was transported to the hospital to avoid the spread of any disease.

Two days ago, the first case of a person infected with the virus was confirmed in the United States, in the state of Washington. This first 30-year-old patient came from Wuhan City, China, considered the epicenter of the outbreak of this new virus.

According to local media, the Washington man is in stable condition and is recovering at the Providence Regional Medical Center, where he is being monitored by a robot to limit physical contact with health personnel.

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