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Delonte West Appears On Video Where He Is Beaten

Delonte West Appears On Video Where He Is Beaten
Delonte West Appears On Video Where He Is Beaten

Video: Delonte West Appears On Video Where He Is Beaten

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Video: Tragic! Lebron's Homeless Ex-Teammate, Delonte West, Beaten Up Badly 2023, February

Drug abuse and a history of bipolarity and depression continue to take its toll on former basketball star Delonte West. The most recent and unfortunate incident in the life of the 36-year-old former athlete shows him living on the street and being the victim of a beating, according to a video circulating on the networks.

"I was about to sleep and he came up to me and pulled out a gun," West said in the video, who did not reveal if he knew his perpetrator.

After the release of the video showing the former member of the Cleveland basketball team in dire conditions, the reactions were swift. Phil Martelli, college basketball coach, meanwhile, asked for professional help to be provided to West through his Twitter account.

“In the past few hours, I have spoken to many who are willing to help, please read and embrace the wisdom of Jameer (Nelson), we are reaching out to our basketball network to get the professional help that Delonte needs. This is very painful, "he said.

West hails from Washington DC and earned millions of dollars during his eight NBA seasons. In August of last year, a photo went viral in which he looked like a pauper.

He had previously been under house arrest for a gun problem and was suspended for 10 games - and in the 2010 and 2011 season he was only allowed to leave his home to go play. As a result of these inconveniences, his life and economy became unstable and he had to sell everything he had.

His professional basketball career began in 2004 when he joined the Boston Celtics team. He then played for Seattle for a year and moved to Cleveland in 2008. There, in addition to sharing with the team with Lebron James, he signed a contract valued at $ 12.7 million.

In 2010, West returned to Boston and finally in 2012 ended his career with the Dallas Mavericks after suffering two ankle injuries.

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