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Hispanic Women Beaten For Speaking Spanish?

Hispanic Women Beaten For Speaking Spanish?
Hispanic Women Beaten For Speaking Spanish?

Video: Hispanic Women Beaten For Speaking Spanish?

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Video: Man yells at stranger for speaking Spanish 2023, January

A Hispanic mother and daughter reported being attacked in a Hispanic neighborhood in Boston for the simple fact of speaking in Spanish. A video that has already gone viral - generating outrage - shows the incident that occurred on February 15. "They were brutally assaulted," say lawyers about the 46-year-old woman and her 15-year-old daughter. Two white women attacked them near a subway station.

"We were attacked, beaten, bitten," the mother told Telemundo, without revealing her name to protect her daughter. The teenager is still wearing a brace due to her injuries, and according to the mother, both are terrified after the attack, have had trouble sleeping and fear they will speak Spanish again on the street.

The mother assured that the white women - who were unknown - attacked them surprisingly, saying: "This is America," "speak English," and "return to your country."

"We refuse to live in fear," said the mother. "We refused to remain silent, as we were attacked based on our race, our language, and our identity."

Boston police say the incident is under investigation. According to the police report, the women accused of the attack assured authorities that they had beaten the Hispanic mother and daughter because they thought they had been mocked.

According to civil rights groups in Boston, this neighborhood has been plagued by MS-13 gang violence in recent years, and there has been an increase in "acts of racism and xenophobia."

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