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Demi Lovato Will Sing At The SuperBowl

Demi Lovato Will Sing At The SuperBowl
Demi Lovato Will Sing At The SuperBowl

Video: Demi Lovato Will Sing At The SuperBowl

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Video: Watch Demi Lovato perform the National Anthem at Super Bowl LIV | FOX NFL 2023, January

While there will be plenty of testosterone on the field at Miami's Hard Rock Stadium in the upcoming Super Bowl, women's power will be more present than ever at the nation's biggest sporting event.

Not only because the spectacular Jennifer López and Shakira will be responsible for entertaining the world-awaited halftime entertainment show, but because the list of women who will participate will be joined by one more superstar, the talented Demi Lovato.

The popular 27-year-old singer announced her participation in the legendary game through her social networks, just a few days away from revealing that she will also be part of the Grammy Awards performances.

"I will sing the national anthem in #SBLIV. See you in Miami," he wrote.

The interpreter had assured that the next time he heard from her it was because she would sing. Lovato has not sung live after her overdose in July 2018. Since then, she had been withdrawn from the stage undergoing treatment and dedicated to her recovery, of which she has spoken openly through her social networks.

Although Lovato hasn't announced her new musical material, the world-famous Super Bowl stage is the perfect place to get her career back on track.

Her latest single, "Sober," was released in June 2018, about a month before her overdose.

With this presentation, Lovato joins the prestigious list of singers who have performed the anthem during the traditional football game, such as Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Whitney Houston, Diana Ross, Pink, Mariah Carey, among others.

The Super Bowl is played in Miami on February 2.

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