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Prince Harry Has Strayed From His Close Friends

Prince Harry Has Strayed From His Close Friends
Prince Harry Has Strayed From His Close Friends

Video: Prince Harry Has Strayed From His Close Friends

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For Prince Harry, the priority is his family and since his wife Meghan Markle was pregnant with her first-born, it seems that the relationship with some of his closest friends has changed.

According to People, friends of Queen Elizabeth II's grandson are resentful that he walked away from them when the duchess was "about 6 months" pregnant with Archie, who was born on May 6, 2019.

“Most don't even have their cell phone numbers anymore. They fully understand that men often stray from their friends after marriage, but there is still a lot of resentment that they had been so close for so long, "he told the magazine" a source very well connected "with the prince.

Instead, the 38-year-old duchess still maintains contact with friends she had before being part of the royal family, as is the case with her former partner by profession, actress Abigail Spencer, with whom she shared the set in the television series Suits.. In fact, she was seen walking with the couple on New Years.

The recent announcement by the Dukes of Sussex of wanting to step back from their institutional role within the crown and to move to Canada for seasons continues to stir controversy in the United Kingdom and has given ammunition to Markle's critics.

One of the best known, the famous British presenter and journalist Piers Morgan called the duchess a "climber" and said that she is a bad influence on the prince.

Despite the surprise that the announcement of the dukes apparently generated in the royal family, Queen Elizabeth ended up giving her blessing.

“My family and I fully support Harry and Meghan's desire to create a new life as the young family they are. While we would have preferred them to remain members of the Royal Family, working full-time, we respect and understand their desire to live a more independent life as a family while remaining a valuable part of my family,”the monarch said in a statement.

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