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Man Arrested For Murdering His Family

Man Arrested For Murdering His Family
Man Arrested For Murdering His Family

Video: Man Arrested For Murdering His Family

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Video: Megyn Kelly Roundtable: Colorado Man’s Shocking Confession To Killing His Family | Megyn Kelly TODAY 2023, February

After finding the lifeless bodies of a mother and her three children, authorities say they have found the person responsible for their deaths.

The Osceola County Sheriff's Office in Florida accuses the children's husband and father, Anthony Tony Todt, 44, of murdering Megan Todt, 42, and their three children: Zoe, Alek and Tyler..

Following his arrest on Monday, Todt confessed to killing his family and the home pet, People reported. According to agent Russ Gibson, although the bodies were found Monday, the family had been dead since late December.

According to the WESH television channel in Orlando, it was one of the neighbors who reported the disappearance of the family after not having seen her for several days after the Todts had moved into the community from Colchester, Connecticut.

"They were always good people," Kimitri Koutsofavas, the owner of a pizzeria in Connecticut, told a local outlet. “We met when we trained our children in soccer. Everyone who knew them only said good things.”

Megan and Anthony
Megan and Anthony

According to information, the family had rented a house in the town of Celebration, a community designed by Disney. Although they seemed like a perfect family, their life was far from idyllic. They were facing financial problems and had received an eviction letter the day after Christmas, according to People.

January 6 was the last time that family and friends knew of the deceased.

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