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The Cutest Video Of The Children Of Enrique Iglesias

The Cutest Video Of The Children Of Enrique Iglesias
The Cutest Video Of The Children Of Enrique Iglesias

Video: The Cutest Video Of The Children Of Enrique Iglesias

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Video: Enrique Iglesias Cutest Moments with his kids 💙💙 | Playing with Kids Complications 2023, January

Enrique Iglesias has tried to keep his private life out of the limelight, but since the birth of his twins Lucy and Nicholas, the Spanish singer can't help but share tender moments with his followers by their offspring - thus showing that fatherhood has made him crazy.

But this time it was the proud mother of the little ones, Anna Kournikova, who boasted how enormous and beautiful her children are, who recently turned two years old in a video published on their social networks. In it, the former Russian tennis player wished her fans a Happy New Year, showing her little ones running happily in a garden.

"I love being a mom," Kournikova confessed to The Sun newspaper last year. “I absolutely wanted to have children, either their own or adopted. I love taking care of people."

Having become a mom has been one of her dreams come true for the athlete, who has reportedly been in the sweet wait for her third baby.

Although the couple has not yet confirmed or denied it, the news that Kournikova would be pregnant spread like wildfire after the Al Rojo Vivo with María Celeste (Telemundo) program reported that the wait for the stork was the real reason why Which Kournikova did not travel with the singer to Spain in early December to accompany him at a concert he performed in Madrid.

Enrique Iglesias and his children
Enrique Iglesias and his children

According to reports, the athlete would be in the second trimester of gestation and just as she did during the pregnancy of her twins, she has avoided being captured by the lenses of paparazzi - and on her Instagram account she has limited herself to sharing photographs of her figure in souvenir photoshoots.

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