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Enrique Iglesias New Children Video

Enrique Iglesias New Children Video
Enrique Iglesias New Children Video

Video: Enrique Iglesias New Children Video

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Video: Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova's Kids Nicholas, Lucy and Mary (Video) 2021 2023, January

Enrique Iglesias continues to fully enjoy his role as dad. The Spanish singer delights his more than 14 million followers on Instagram with videos with his adorable twins Nicholas and Lucy, the result of his relationship with tennis player Anna Kournikova. He has already shared several videos playing with babies and making them laugh, and they are always a hit with his followers, generating millions of views and likes.

His most recent post - which has already reached almost 2 million views in just a few hours - shows him in the children's playroom. The singer lifts his shirt to make them laugh and the curious babies touch his dad's steel chest and abs, laughing out loud. Surely the person filming the video was his famous mom. Blond babies are undoubtedly very similar to Kournikova.

The video also generated countless comments from followers of Iglesias, such as the Mexican singer Thalía, who reacted to the post with emojis of smilies with eyes of hearts. The Spanish artist, who was among the 50 Most Beautiful this year, spoke to People en Español about how fatherhood has changed his life. "They make me strive to be a better person," he confessed about his children. "They are my inspiration on a daily basis."

The interpreter of “Duele el corazón” assured that what he is most grateful for in life is “my family and my friends”, in addition to earning a living doing what he is most passionate about. When we asked him what is his secret to living a 'normal' family life with Kournikova and his children, he confessed: "I don't think there is a secret to that, it is a matter of solving things along the way." No doubt this crowd idol also knows how to captivate the attention and adoration of his babies.

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