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Polo Morín Increased His Butt?

Polo Morín Increased His Butt?
Polo Morín Increased His Butt?

Video: Polo Morín Increased His Butt?

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After the publication of a photograph of the Mexican actor Leopoldo Morín, better known as Polo, comments from his followers began to rain, asking him if he had had surgery to increase his butt.

Morín did not take long to respond to the concerns and published a short video in which he assured that no retouching had been made. "That's right, what do I do?" He said as he showed his back in front of a mirror.

Morín also said that the hanging photo was not edited to make it look more voluminous, but rather that the clothes he was wearing - a jumpsuit - could have influenced in making it appear that he “was wearing a diaper”.

“Tank full for this 2020” was the message that the soap opera actor La reina soy yo dedicated to his 1.8 million followers while congratulating them on the new year.

The host and actress Amaranta Ruiz was one of those who commented in the photo supporting Polín's version. She, added, took the photograph and asserted that "everything is real."

The model has a long history of delighting her followers with her photos. To accompany a recent image, he assured that in 2020 he has several purposes: to do what makes him happy, not to judge himself, to enjoy, laugh, love and travel.

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