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Woman Runs Over A Girl For Being Mexican

Woman Runs Over A Girl For Being Mexican
Woman Runs Over A Girl For Being Mexican

Video: Woman Runs Over A Girl For Being Mexican

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Video: Pure Evil! Crazy A$$ Woman Runs Over A Teen Because She's "A Mexican" 2023, January

Nicole Marie Poole Franklin was arrested by the authorities in Clive, Iowa, after an attempted murder of a 14-year-old girl who was run over by her car.

According to the detainee herself, she did so because the girl “was Mexican”. This was communicated by the Police Department of the place hours later after collecting the statements of the accused.

The events date back to December 9 when the girl was walking quietly and suddenly a car went up on the sidewalk, hit her and ran away.


"I do not remember the impact, I only remember that the car came towards me," said the young woman to the KCCI-TV channel, affiliated with CNN. "I didn't do anything, I'm just a girl walking to a basketball game."

According to police reports, the detainee made quite disparaging statements about Latinos. Fortunately, a week after the event, the young woman is fully recovered and can go to school without problem.

Franklin is expected to appear at a hearing on December 30. In the meantime, they analyze whether this abuse is a hate crime.

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