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Mijares Presents A New Album

Mijares Presents A New Album
Mijares Presents A New Album

Video: Mijares Presents A New Album

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Video: Mijares - Mal d'Amore 2023, January

Manuel Mijares seems to have lost control of the songs that sound on his mobile phone, since the singer revealed that his sons are dictated by his children: José Manuel, 18, and Lucero, 14.

The interpreter confessed that he has copied his children's playlist due to the variety of musical genres they listen to.

"From childhood they woke up to music very early, so they got used to listening to everything from The Beatles to music from me and Lucero [his mother], to the degree that I end up copying their playlist," he told the Mexican press during the presentation of their album Puzzles II.

Young people not only share the songs of their favorite performers, but also help their dad in the musical management of his career.

“I like to involve them in what I do, not in the matter of them getting involved in the artistry, but in involving them with their opinion [asking them]: how do you see this song, how did it fit me, can I improve it? I pay a lot of attention to them because they are very objective in that sense, because they have no qualms about telling me you went out of tune or sang it wrong,”he revealed.

Apparently, the singer's children had a lot to do with his new album that will be released on November 22, as it includes a collaboration with Melendi, whom he discovered thanks to his daughter.

Would he record again with his ex-wife Lucero?

“I am delighted to do something with Lucerito, I love how she sings, she is a great talent, she transmits a lot, apart we have a super relationship. If we can, we will do it again,”she commented, according to the newspaper El Universal.

In addition, he assured that despite leading separate lives, they lead a beautiful coexistence for their children.

“We love each other very much and we are great friends, it is something that was never lost. Friendship came first and continues. We also live together a lot for the children,”he said.

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