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Julio Preciado Will Receive A Kidney Transplant

Julio Preciado Will Receive A Kidney Transplant
Julio Preciado Will Receive A Kidney Transplant

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Singer Julio Preciado revealed that he finally has a date for his expected kidney transplant and announced that the donor will be a woman.

The interpreter assured that the surgery will be carried out on the second Monday of January of next year in a hospital in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.

"My doctor from Guadalajara confirmed me, the operation will be in Guadalajara on Monday, January 13. The donor is going to be my daughter, so that speculation ends, "Preciado commented to the Mexican show Ventaneando.

According to the interpreter, doctors found that her 20-year-old daughter Yuliana's kidney is compatible with her body.

"The size of the kidney gives very well to the size [of the] that the dad has," he explained. “Apart from blood compatibility, due to size. I am a very large person, I am a person over 1.70 [meters], 1.75 [5'2 feet], tall, my daughter is 1.77 [meters]. On that side we are very 100 percent compatible. Kidney size is just right for me to work with.”

The singer also explained that his kidneys are currently only working at 25 percent capacity. "Right now I am at the best age, at the best time to start a transplant," he said.

After leaving the operating room, Preciado will take the time to recover before planning the expected new tour with Banda El Recodo, which will take place internationally.

“First of all I want to think about my health. Not having health, I cannot make plans for anything,”he said. “There is a tour with El Recodo, but I cannot do anything until the doctors tell me: 'Señor Julio Preciado, you are discharged. Go to work, it's perfectly fine. '”

For now, he is preparing to celebrate with a great party, like every year, his 53rd birthday next December 1 in the port of Mazatlán, Sinaloa.

“Last year I fell into intensive care and canceled [the party]. This, I hope in God, that nothing strange happens because we are very well right now, very well cared for and I hope to continue celebrating with mine and continue celebrating many more birthdays”, he pointed out.

Last September, after a relapse and amid speculation about his health, the singer revealed that he was under medical supervision because he needed a kidney transplant and rejected reports that he was on the verge of death.

"I'm not dying," he clarified on his social networks.

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