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Julian Castro Says His Presidential Campaign Will Continue

Julian Castro Says His Presidential Campaign Will Continue
Julian Castro Says His Presidential Campaign Will Continue

Video: Julian Castro Says His Presidential Campaign Will Continue

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Video: Julián Castro On Continuing Presidential Campaign, Strengthening Our Communities + More 2023, January

Tonight, when 10 Democratic Party nominees for the United States run for a fifth debate in Atlanta, GA, Julián Castro will not be among them.

But although the former secretary of Housing and Urban Development of the United States and former mayor of San Antonio, TX, did not qualify to participate tonight - he accumulated the necessary donations but not the points in different national surveys - Castro wants to make something very clear: Your campaign is not moribund and, in itself, there is still a lot of fabric to cut in this contest.

"My goal is to win and to do that we have to be very strategic and focus on how we can win," says the 45-year-old Mexican American, the only Latino in the race, exclusively to PEOPLE EN ESPAÑOL. "That's why we are using our resources in places where I think we have the best chance now: in Iowa to begin with, in Nevada and in Texas, which is one of the great states of Super Tuesday [day when several states hold elections primary], and of course my home state.”

Julian Castro
Julian Castro

Something that Castro has between the eyebrows, in addition to talking about the topics that he is most passionate about and have been the backbone of his campaign - weather changes, humanitarian immigration reform, police reforms and reforms to the criminal justice system, how to help to the homeless, among others- is that people know him not only as the Latino candidate but one who will work for everyone in the country of being elected.

"We are going to keep looking for a way to enter into a national conversation about issues that are important to Americans who may not have a high economic level but should count because the whole idea behind my campaign is that everyone counts, that we need a State United where everyone counts and that is a completely different vision of our country from that of Donald Trump,”says this of the current US president. "I am trying to be president for all Americans, not just for some."

To read more about Castro and his family, look for the next print edition of PEOPLE EN ESPAÑOL.

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