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Zac Posen Closes His Fashion House

Zac Posen Closes His Fashion House
Zac Posen Closes His Fashion House

Video: Zac Posen Closes His Fashion House

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Video: Inside Zac Posen's Decision to SHUT DOWN His Fashion Label | ET Style Feed 2023, January

This weekend the fashion world was shocked, all by the sudden announcement of one of the most prominent and talented designers in recent memory. We are talking about Zac Posen, the favorite designer of celebrities such as Katie Holmes, Sarah Jessica Parker and Eva Longoria, among others, announced that he will close his fashion house and that he will not even release the spring / summer 2020 collection that he had already presented.

Although Posen is one of the most popular and prestigious fashion artists, financial problems came to his doorstep and he apparently could not recover.

"The company's board of directors had to make this difficult decision after doing a financial review of the business," the company explained in a statement it sent to WWD. "We are disappointed with this result, but we cannot continue [the company's] operations and we think that under these circumstances this orderly process is the best we can do."

For his part, the designer published a heartfelt message addressed to his Instagram account addressed to his team and to all the people who supported him in the last 15 years.

“I want to express my appreciation to our extraordinary team and to all those who were always supporting me and the brand. I owe them a lot of gratitude for their unwavering support and dedication to the company,”Posen wrote. "The company's management team worked very hard to navigate this increasingly challenging world of fashion, constantly evaluating strategies to strengthen our financial profile and fuel our growth."

In addition to exquisite outfits, perfect for big events or rugs, Posen also designed simpler, more usable pieces, as well as fabulous handbags.

We are very sorry that the designer brand is going to disappear and we hope that you do very well in what you decide to do.

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