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Acid Thrown At Peruvian Mahud Villalaz

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Acid Thrown At Peruvian Mahud Villalaz
Acid Thrown At Peruvian Mahud Villalaz

Video: Acid Thrown At Peruvian Mahud Villalaz

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Video: Milwaukee Acid Attack 2023, February

A 61-year-old man is in the custody of the Milwakee authorities after attacking a man of Peruvian origin who he sprayed with acid on his face, shouting that he was "illegal" and that he return "to his country".

The incident happened Friday night after Mahud Villalaz, 42, parked his car and got into a fight with his alleged assailant, who claimed that he had parked badly.

Security cameras captured the moment the subject sprayed his face with a liquid to burn his face. Later it was determined that it was car battery acid that is highly corrosive and that has caused serious second degree burns.

"I feel scared of being an American citizen. I feel scared of not being able to feel protected in my own country with my neighbors,”he exclaimed this Saturday in Villalaz at a press conference where he appeared visibly shaken and showing the terrible damage that acid has caused on his face.

"My son called me today 'Daddy, what happened to you?', The victim continued to explain the reaction of his family. "And what am i going to tell her? [That] a madman did this to me?”She exclaimed through tears of rage and helplessness.

The terrible incident was captured on video:

Darryl Morin, president of the organization Forward Latino, and who has come out in defense of the victim, assures that Villalaz has lived in the United States for 19 years and that he is a citizen of this country.

"He is in relatively good spirits, understanding how bad things could have been," Morin told CNN about the father of the family who has two young children. "They can't understand how a person can cause harm like that to someone they don't even know."

For her part, Sergeant Sheronda Grant, belonging to the Milwakee Police Public Information Office, confirmed the arrest and assured that in the next few days the District Attorney's office will officially file charges against the detainee in this investigation that has been classified as a hate crime.

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