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Walter Mercado: Celebrities Say Goodbye To The Astrologer

Walter Mercado: Celebrities Say Goodbye To The Astrologer
Walter Mercado: Celebrities Say Goodbye To The Astrologer

Video: Walter Mercado: Celebrities Say Goodbye To The Astrologer

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Video: Estas son las predicciones de Walter Mercado para cada signo durante el 2019 2023, January

His departure leaves us with a great void. His predictions have been with us for almost fifty years and his illusion of continuing to work haunted him until the last moment.

Celebrities from the world of cinema, music and television have wanted to dismiss him with emotional dedications through messages on networks. Others have shared them exclusively with People en Español telling us what the astrologer meant to them.

The first to give us her impressions has been Michelle Galván, the last journalist to interview her for her Primer Impacto program. These have been her words. “Walter Mercado was one of the main reasons I saw Primer Impacto when I was a child in Mexico. In my house everyone stopped to listen to her predictions. When I saw him for the first time in person in Monterrey, he touched my head and, among what he told me, he highlighted: 'a wonderful future awaits you in the media,'”says the communicator.

Two decades later, he met the King of the Horoscope again, this time to interview him. “It was the last interview she gave to the program that I present today, Primer Impacto, and that reunion was magical. I was able to tell him that I admired him, loved him very much and hoped that it would last us many more years. Today his departure hurts but as he pointed out: 'death is evolution'”, concludes Galván.

Armando Correa, Editor in Chief of People en Español magazine, has also had some nice words for the astrologer. “Walter Mercado has been part of People en Español since our inception. We have lost a faithful collaborator, someone whom our team, readers and users saw as another member of the family. Walter, with his predictions, always gave us hope, "said the director of the publication.

The networks have been flooded with messages of love and support for the family after making this sad and unexpected news known. Among them, that of his compatriot, María Celeste Arrarás. "I will always remember the years we worked together, your sweetness, your connection to the universe, your layers and, above all, I will remember you the way you lived."

Other personalities such as Ana María Canseco, Adamari López and her program Un Nuevo Día, María Antonieta Collins, Olga Tañón, Jorge Ramos and all the televisions and their star programs have wanted to say their last goodbye in their profiles on social networks.

The astrologer passed away Saturday night due to kidney failure after a stage where he had suffered a very low health. The weakness of his heart, which suffered an attack in 2012, and other mishaps in his back after a strong fall this year, did not help Walter Mercado's improvement.

The whole world will remember him for his positive and joyous way of looking at life and for always promoting love above all else. Soon his family will inform of his funeral so that those who wish can fire him as he deserves.

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