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Lupillo Rivera Shares Audio Messages From Girlfriend

Lupillo Rivera Shares Audio Messages From Girlfriend
Lupillo Rivera Shares Audio Messages From Girlfriend

Video: Lupillo Rivera Shares Audio Messages From Girlfriend

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His sense of humor is one of his greatest charms, in addition to his closeness and his always chivalrous treatment. During one of his last interviews to promote his new job "When you were mine", Lupillo Rivera became fun, a joker and played with the interviewer, in this case Piolín, in whose radio show everything happened.

In addition to calling his mother to announce a false pregnancy, Lupillo also gave free rein to his feelings and spoke of love. The presenter of the show was able to see some of the singer's messages to a supposed love 20 years younger, 27, said the gold T of the corrido.

"Good evening handsome, rest, I send you a kiss …" reveals one of the texts. But that's not all, even a voice audio escaped him.

It said something like, "I have tried in a thousand ways." When asked about who the morra (the girl) was, Lupillo spoke of a 27-year-old girl, just twenty younger than him. At no time did he say that it was Belinda, although the presenter tried to extract her, the interpreter remained discreet about it.

The joke with Belinda continued when in a live call to her mother, the host of the show posed as the singer, "I'm Belinda madam." But to prevent her mom from talking too much, Lupillo cut the communication.

Laughter was present from start to finish in this talk. And to the question of whether the singer was the one with the messages, watch the interview and judge.

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