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Raquel Del Rosario And Her Child-fairy: The Mom Who Renamed Autism

Raquel Del Rosario And Her Child-fairy: The Mom Who Renamed Autism
Raquel Del Rosario And Her Child-fairy: The Mom Who Renamed Autism

Video: Raquel Del Rosario And Her Child-fairy: The Mom Who Renamed Autism

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The singer Raquel del Rosario shone for a long time with her own light in her Spanish pop band El Sueño de Morfeo. Love came into his life in the form of Pedro Castro, a talented music director with whom he has raised a beautiful family in Malibu, California.

Raquel, always very careful to keep the identity of the faces of her little ones to preserve their privacy in the fabulous photos to which she has accustomed us, recently moved on the networks in a totally unexpected way in a post on her beautiful blog “Planeta Particular” that went viral in 24 hours in which he confessed that his oldest son, Leo, had been diagnosed with autism

Click here to hear the sweet voice of this Canarian mom who found a second home in California.

"In the middle of a dramatic atmosphere, with a very soft tone and meticulously chosen words, they told us that they believed that the best thing for Leo was to enter the children's program with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder)," says Raquel. "Contrary to the reaction they expected, tears, denial, anger … I felt a huge sense of relief. " At last the couple understood the origin of their son's behavior and could give her all the weapons at her disposal to help her achieve the best version of herself.

It is not only everything that Raquel tells in her post through her mother's love eyes, it is how she does it, with the sensitivity of a true artist that makes you tear away little pieces while reading her story. “A good witch once told me that Leo was a 'Rainbow Boy', although he one day grabbed my phone while I was writing a message to Peter and wrote something that the self-corrector translated as 'The Fairy Boy', to then hit "send" -Pedro: How? -Me: Leo sent it to you.” Raquel suddenly understood without crediting her eyes.

And in this original way, due to the fate of chance, pure chance or maybe not, because there are those who say that coincidences do not exist, it was like Leo himself inadvertently winked at his parents and gave him a word different with which Raquel now refers to him.

The success and international repercussion of its history has been so great that its parents have opened an instagram account exclusively for the fairy child, where they can tell more about their experiences and make it a common reference point for families experiencing the same situation..

“The most difficult thing as a mother, without a doubt, is being not being able to dialogue, reason or communicate with him in the way I would like. How to educate without clear communication or understanding?” Thus they go through better days and worse days, as in all families … But without a doubt, where there is a lot of love nothing is so serious.

This is how Raquel lives her day to day, facing each moment as a new adventure and with this precious and intelligent philosophy: “Life is full of challenges before which we have to take off our armor and drop the sword to the ground, because they do not come to that we fight against them, they come to show us something, to transform us. They are teachers, not enemies”.

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