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Salma Hayek Launches Attack On Donald Trump

Salma Hayek Launches Attack On Donald Trump
Salma Hayek Launches Attack On Donald Trump

Video: Salma Hayek Launches Attack On Donald Trump

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Video: Donald Trump's Epic Fail With Salma Hayek!! 2023, February

Taking advantage of the context of Halloween, Salma Hayek wanted to send a spell to Donald Trump; Although more than attack, she wanted to invite her to have a better position as ruler of the United States and its immigration policies.

"This Halloween I want to put a spell of empathy instead of hate," Hayek wrote on his Instagram account. "This includes any pumpkin heads that want to build a wall."

The actress accompanied this text with an image where she appears dressed in black and mounted on a giant pumpkin.


This message immediately made the netizens react, who did not hesitate to make their position known. Even, there were those who congratulated the also producer for the message.

"President, you're listening," said a follower.

"I'm not claiming that guy and I'm an American and a Marine. I hope I can find another job next year, "said another person.

"Why doesn't Trump build doors of love and not give everyone a key? Walls divide people, not unite them. Let's go back to the pumpkins,”said one fan.

There were also those who took the opportunity to fill the histrion with compliments of various kinds.

“So you look more beautiful than ever. And very much in agreement with your comment”, commented a netizen

"Eternally beautiful and youthful; I adore you. Greetings pretty, "added someone else.

"You are such an adorable and charming woman," said one user.

"You charm anybody, happy day", wrote a follower.

While the controversy on this topic continues, Salma Hayek continues with her professional projects and enjoying Halloween.

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