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Lupillo Rivera Message To Women

Lupillo Rivera Message To Women
Lupillo Rivera Message To Women

Video: Lupillo Rivera Message To Women

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Once again, Lupillo Rivera has returned to being a gentleman. On this occasion his message is not addressed to any of his ex-partners or loves, but to all the women in the world who are not going through their best moment.

On the occasion of the motivational conference that his sister Rosie Rivera is going to offer, the singer wanted to take the opportunity to invite all the people who want to change and improve their lives to this very special meeting.

Through the hard experiences her sister has lived, many women can also share their experiences and find a way out of their concerns. "They don't have to make a change, just allow them to plant that seed in their hearts. Dare, be brave and listen to that great message," Lupillo said in a video that she posted on her Instagram profile.

Lately his messages have been addressed to the two women in his life, Belinda and Mayeli Alonso. At the first she declared her eternal love, thus confirming her romance, an open secret. With her ex-wife she was not so romantic because things have not ended too well but she has still been a gentleman and has shown absolute respect for her daughter's mother.

At this time Lupillo is a single man and without commitment, the women of his life are now members of his family, like his daughter Lupita and in this almost his sister Rosie, to whom he has shown his most unconditional support.

With this video on his networks, Lupillo has defended and supported the cause of his sister and her fight to help other women who at some point found themselves in her situation.

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