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Sweet Mary Controversial RBD Wedding Invitation

Sweet Mary Controversial RBD Wedding Invitation
Sweet Mary Controversial RBD Wedding Invitation

Video: Sweet Mary Controversial RBD Wedding Invitation

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It is one of the most important days in the life of any person and it seems that it will finally come true for Dulce María. It seems that the actress and her boyfriend Paco Álvarez already have a date after several professional stops that prevented them from walking to the altar.

There is only one but in this joyous announcement, and that is that his soulmates of RBD will not attend the expected link. None? Well, it seems that none, as the artist herself has revealed with a sad face.

"I think they will not be able to go because everyone has a job," she said sadly to the cameras during the red carpet of a famous fashion magazine.

With these images, the program Suelta la sopa has raised, specifically his collaborator Verónica Bastos, whether this situation is normal among colleagues. It can be understood that someone does not go, but that everyone has commitments smells like singe. Bad relationship?

The future bride has not given much importance to the matter so if there is a bad feeling she has not added fuel to the fire. At some sporadic moment we have seen them together sharing moments and memories of the series and the group that saw them be born professionally, but it is true that not in excess. The years go by and each one has continued with their lives and careers, all quite successful. There are still a few months left for the wedding so anything can happen.

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