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Shakira's Sexy Cousin Sets Social Networks On Fire

Shakira's Sexy Cousin Sets Social Networks On Fire
Shakira's Sexy Cousin Sets Social Networks On Fire

Video: Shakira's Sexy Cousin Sets Social Networks On Fire

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Colombia is a land of art and spectacular beauties. Shakira is one of its national products exported to all parts of the world for its music. But she is not the only one in her family who has art, there is another member who is devastating networks for her talent and beauty.

This is Valerie Domínguez, an actress and model who has already exceeded one million followers on Instagram. Her great body and good vibes have a lot to do with it, but also her spectacular physique. At 38 years old, this cousin of the singer is sweeping her publications.

Athlete, worker, animal lover and owner of a wonderful smile, Valerie has earned the affection of her followers by hand.

Her enviable figure who cares with exercise and healthy food made her Miss Colombia 2005. A year later she attended the Miss Universe pageant in which she was among the top ten finalists, not bad. His is not the song, but he does like to dance, act and pose for the covers.

Considered one of the most beautiful women in Colombia, she has earned her rise to glory by herself with her effort and hard work. At no time has she climbed onto her cousin's chariot of fame to get to where she is. This beauty from Barranquilla has participated in various movies and series and television shows where she is a well-known and well-loved face.

Her love life leads her very intimately, little given to talk about her romances, the only thing we have been able to know is that at the moment she is not married. Although candidates have more than enough. Her great loves are always her puppies that she constantly boasts, and also exercise, an eternal companion to whom she is most faithful.

His gym routines are a religion in his life as you can see in his videos, where he tries to motivate his followers to exercise and take care of their bodies. In short, a jewel for women that has surprised us a lot and always for good.

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