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Nacho Talks About His Separation From Inger Mendoza

Nacho Talks About His Separation From Inger Mendoza
Nacho Talks About His Separation From Inger Mendoza

Video: Nacho Talks About His Separation From Inger Mendoza

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Video: ¡Chino habla del divorcio de Nacho! | De Primera Mano 2023, January


These are times of mixed feelings for Nacho. The bitter taste of his separation from his wife Inger Mendoza contrasts with the happiness caused by the release of his first solo album, Uno (Universal Music Latin).

"I am grateful and I feel that all the effort has been worth it," said the Venezuelan. "Anyone will identify with the album. My album is full of contrasts and feelings”.

Although the separation assures the parties that it has been on good terms, speculation about the reasons for the breakup and the state of their relationship have not left the couple alone.

Inger clarified in a message on Instagram that the photos of her new house that she showed on networks do not mean that she has left the family home that she shared until now with her husband.

He assured that before the separation "all five" family members had already moved to the new house and that it was now that he shared the images of the new home to thank the designer for the work. For this reason, he denied that she had been “removed” from the “big house” and that this was her new residence after the separation.

Regarding this whole issue of houses, Nacho wanted to emphasize that he only has good things to say about the mother of his children.

“She is a wonderful, incredible woman. He always has my support,”said the singer, who has been romantically involved with the model Eli Tulián. “There are many speculations, but I am willing to make any sacrifice so that she and my children are above all else. For me, the emotional stability of her and my children is more important”.

Inger Devera
Inger Devera

“I am completely sure that she does not need anything or anyone because she is an intelligent, creative, proactive person. I am very calm, if she needs my support for what she needs, she will always find it and she could tell you the same”, he added.

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