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Jacky Bracamontes Reveals The Aesthetic 'arrangements' That Were Made

Jacky Bracamontes Reveals The Aesthetic 'arrangements' That Were Made
Jacky Bracamontes Reveals The Aesthetic 'arrangements' That Were Made

Video: Jacky Bracamontes Reveals The Aesthetic 'arrangements' That Were Made

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After four pregnancies and five beautiful daughters, Jacky Bracamontes decided to undergo surgery on Wednesday, October 23, to undergo various cosmetic 'fixes' with the aim of looking better physically and correcting some imperfections in her body. “I have decided to pamper myself with some fair and necessary arrangements. After four pregnancies it was urgent,”announced the Mexican presenter on her networks just before the operation.

But what exactly did the protagonist of successful Televisa soap operas like Las tontas no va al cielo, Wounds of love and Spell do?

Jacky herself detailed this Tuesday by telephone on the television program Al rojo vivo (Telemundo) the different surgeries that were performed to look even more beautiful.

The driver explained that her initial idea was only to have a breast reconstruction and have hernia surgery; however, the doctor ended up convincing her to take advantage of the operation and also perform liposuction and a kind of abdominal marking.

"Talking to the doctor and when he checked me about the navel hernia, he said 'you know what, since I'm going to open and fix your hernia, I have to sew your muscles because even if you do 200 abdominals a day, it won't stay Well the abdomen because you have the muscles open, then he was the one who convinced me to do that to myself and then later he turns me around and says 'and in passing I do a liposuction' you know in the thick of the back,”said Jacky.

"Actually, that was it, it is easy to say, but the operation was not easy at all," he added.

The presenter, who has five million followers on Instagram alone, denied having increased breasts since hers, she clarified, was a reconstruction surgery.

"Do not think it was an increase, not at all, it is simply reconstruction of the breasts because, after breastfeeding five, you can imagine how they were," he clarified.

Finally Bracamontes wanted to make it clear that the decision to go through the operating room to make these cosmetic arrangements was made solely by her.

“It is a gift that I give myself because I am doing it for myself, not for anyone. I made the decision for myself because I want to look in the mirror and say 'how good I look' and feel good, both internally and physically,”said Jacky.

We already want to see how it turned out!

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