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Carmen Villalobos Sebastián Caicedo Honeymoon

Carmen Villalobos Sebastián Caicedo Honeymoon
Carmen Villalobos Sebastián Caicedo Honeymoon

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Video: Carmen Villalobos y Sebastian Caicedo - 100 años contigo - Happy Valentine 2023, January

After a dream wedding, it was time for a honeymoon. And so it is! Carmen Villalobos and Sebastián Caicedo have already left for their destination to enjoy a few days of disconnection and peace as newlyweds.

Their first stop has been the beautiful Madrid, from where they have given us magical moments through the streets of the Spanish capital. There they have reunited with friends and enjoyed gastronomy and architecture.

Although they did not leave just after the wedding due to professional commitments, the good things were made to wait and they have undertaken the first of the different trips that await them.

"This is beginning and I am liking it. What a city beauty," the actress wrote in one of her publications. In addition to kicking Madrid, they also took time to party, something that this great city made available to them.

Among the places in Madrid they visited are the Prado Museum, the Cibeles, the Royal Palace, the Retiro Park and the central area of ​​Gran Vía where they stayed and gave us the most fun images.

But this is just the appetizer of a honeymoon that promises to give us great moments in other cities and beautiful places. It has just started! What will be your next destination? We will be aware to continue reporting.

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