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Carmen Villalobos Sebastián Caicedo Wedding Moments

Carmen Villalobos Sebastián Caicedo Wedding Moments
Carmen Villalobos Sebastián Caicedo Wedding Moments

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They are already husband and wife. Carmen Villalobos and Sebastián Caicedo begin a new life under the blessing of the sacred marriage after an unforgettable wedding. In a dream enclave in their beloved Cartagena de Indias, the couple said 'Yes, I accept' with the sunset in the background and the sea as witnesses.

Generous from minute one, the couple broadcast the most emotional moments of the link through their respective social networks and their YouTube channel so that their followers from around the world were also present, even if it was from a distance.

The bride's best kept secret, her dress, was finally revealed and, unsurprisingly, exceeded all expectations. The creation of the Colombian designer Jorge Duque fell in love with everyone for its delicacy and elegance, without losing that touch of sensuality that characterizes the actress so much.

From the hand of Betty Barrios, mother of the bride, Carmen arrived at the altar built in front of the sea and thus was handed over to the groom who was taking her most excited. A very special moment for the three of them, since they all wished that their father Pedro Villalobos, who died two years ago, had been there. She did it in energy and spirit.

Once on the altar, surrounded by beautiful floral decorations, the priest gave way to a ceremony full of emotional moments, knowing smiles and much love. Once finished, the bride and groom walked among the guests under the chords of the song by the Colombian singer Fonseca, "Prometo", whose lyrics invite lovers to never stop loving each other.

And so came one of the most anticipated moments, the first dance of the bride and groom! Actually there were several because the couple prepared different choreographies with which they surprised those present. They started with the beautiful ballad of Sin Bandera, "Enter my life", to continue with a passionate tango that they mastered perfectly.

That was not all! The track was on fire when they dared with a sauce by Marc Anthony, "It was worth it." And since they were so excited, why not dance a calf and a little reggaeton? Well, they did it and that's how it was in this wonderful video that they gave to their followers.

Later they gave way to the fireworks that put the finishing touch to this original bridal dance, not the end of the party. This one would arrive loaded with delicious food, cocktails of all colors and a lot of good times and anecdotes.

In order to function better, Carmen put on her second dress of the night, with which she dazzled again and showed her good taste. With inlaid pearls, a bodysuit underneath and a powerful neckline at the front and back, the bride looked gorgeous as well as comfortable. Mind you, the veil stayed with her.

The groom did the same and went from a light suit, ideal for the setting and the fall of the afternoon, to a black one that fit perfectly with the arrival of the night. Midnight and early in the morning, Carmen became even more comfortable with this minidress and included some sports that helped her give everything on the dance floor where this little sauce was marked with the journalist Rodner Figueroa. What a march!

Laughter, enthusiasm, fun and very good vibes was what was breathed in this link that comes after 11 years of happy relationship, fulfilling the great dream of lovers. Their goal was to throw a big party between friends and loved ones and the result could not have been better. Congratulations to the newlyweds in this new and beautiful stage that they undertake as a couple and thank you for sharing it with all of us. Long live the bride and groom!

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