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Paz Vega Interview About Cuna De Lobos
Paz Vega Interview About Cuna De Lobos

Video: Paz Vega Interview About Cuna De Lobos

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Video: Paz Vega cuenta su experiencia al ser parte de Cuna de Lobos 2023, January

As a modernized and current version that connects with the interest of today's public. This is how Paz Vega defines the new version of the successful soap opera Cuna de lobos, a fiction that landed last Monday October 21 in Hispanic prime time with the Spanish actress as the protagonist. In an exclusive interview with People en Español, the renowned 43-year-old interpreter tells us all the details of her participation in this story and talks, among other issues, about the controversy her election as Catalina Creel generated in her day.

I understood that my choice caused rejection at the beginning [but] the fact of choosing a foreign actress helps the story go beyond the borders of Mexico

What led you to say 'yes' to this project?

It took my own story. It is one of those offers that can not be rejected because any actress would kill to be in a story like the Wolf's Cradle and for playing this iconic character.

How would you define the new version of Cuna de lobos?

Of course it is a modernized version, current, that connects with the problems and with the interest of the public today. It is a version that respects the basic skeleton of the story but that goes further and that really wants to catch the public from recognizable stories. We want people to empathize with the characters, to feel identified with the characters, even with Catalina Creel because for me it was very important to create a character that was not a cartoon of evil but was a woman who had a need and who had a reason why she does the things she does, so she is an empowered woman, an attractive, sensual, elegant, intelligent woman,she is a very ambitious woman and then she is a woman who has an inability to love and to empathize with the pain of others that psychopathy has, but really also later has a very noble reason, which is that everything she does she does for absolute love and unconditional that you have towards your son and that is very nice.


I hope that the people who saw the original forget a little about that melancholy of the past and give this version a chance, which is a very brave version

How much would you say this version of the original story has?

From the original story, what it keeps are the characters, some because there are also new characters and a little that DNA of a dysfunctional family where very tremendous and very terrible things happen, especially moved by low instincts. But we are talking about a thriller, this story is a thriller with melodramatic songs, but basically it is an action trailer and I think it is very attractive to the public.

Did you know the magnitude that history had 30 years ago and how present it is still in the Mexican imaginary collective?

Yes, I knew it was a novel that had an impact at the time, but I did not know that it was still very present in people. It is curious how something that happened 30 years ago is still very much in force now and people have it in mind and that is very beautiful and very beautiful. What I hope is that the people who saw the original forget a little about that melancholy of the past and give the opportunity to this version that is a very brave version where risks are taken and that people who have not seen it simply enjoy of a strong story.


Wolf cradle.

A mother is capable of everything for a son, I say I'm a mother, and at that point I connected very well with my character

How do you act as an actress to give realism to such a Machiavellian character? How do you justify so much evil?

I have built Catalina Creel together with my director, Eric Morelos, and together with Giselle [the producer]. In addition, the story itself, the plot itself, has also helped me a lot because one of the challenges of this series was not to make a cartoon character but to give it truth, make it flesh and blood, that people empathize with it and understand why it does that so terrible it does. I believe that a mother is capable of everything because of a child, I say that I am a mother, and at that point I connected very well with my character. What would I not do for my son? Another thing is the path she takes, which is questionable, but as an actress I do not enter to judge my characters, I just understand them and look for that reason of strength.

How are you experiencing the reaction of the public?

The truth has been an incredible reaction, very beautiful. I have met colleagues who have written to me, who have seen the series, people from the profession, and the truth is that they say very nice things to me and of course to the entire team because it is a job that has been done with great rigor and giving 100% of each one because we knew that there were many expectations so we did not want to disappoint and it is clearly in the final result, in the final bill, in the montage, in how it has been musicalized, in everyone's performances … It is incredible. It is a very fine character that we have made.


Paz Vega in Cuna de lobos.

What is your opinion about the controversy that your choice as Catalina Creel generated in Mexico since some considered that she had to be a Mexican actress?

I perfectly understood that controversy and that it caused rejection at the beginning, it is normal because as we all know Catalina Creel is a very iconic character in the Latin American culture and imaginary collective, but well I just hope that people can now give their opinion on the final result and see that the classics can be taken from many places and for me Cuna de lobos is a classic and as such that story can happen in Mexico, it can happen in the United States, it can happen in Europe and that still makes it bigger. I think that is something that I am at least proud of, myself and the team, to be able to make this story and expand it and to get it out of the borders of Mexico and the fact of choosing a foreign actress helps that and for That I think the choice of my person.

Cuna de lobos is one more step in the world of the novel and in the world of open fiction

Why do you have to see the new version of Cuna de lobos?

You have to see it because it is a very brave version, it is a version that takes risks. I feel and feel all of us who have worked in Cuna de lobos which is one more step in the world of the novel and in the world of open fiction. I think there is an effort to deliver a series and a quality story that wants to compete with all the fiction that exists on all platforms and that better things are being done every time, so to compete there you have to hit hard and we have done it then.

Wolf Bass is broadcast at 9 pm Eastern on Univision.

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