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Shaila Dúrcal Talks About Overweight Thyroid Singer

Shaila Dúrcal Talks About Overweight Thyroid Singer
Shaila Dúrcal Talks About Overweight Thyroid Singer

Video: Shaila Dúrcal Talks About Overweight Thyroid Singer

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Shaila Dúrcal admits that she is not going through her best physical moment after revealing a few months ago that she suffers from thyroid problems that have led her to gain around 44 pounds.

Something that does not complex the Spanish singer, who encourages young people to enjoy their physique without pressing for the standard promoted by the media.

The younger daughter of the legendary Rocío Dúrcal shared that it has not been easy to bear criticism about her new appearance, although on good days the so-called haters make her laugh.

"I love to celebrate women in all their sizes and I must admit that some comments bother me, but I try to remain calm and ignore these messages," she told the Mexican press. "I think we have to accept ourselves as we are and enjoy ourselves."

The singer acknowledged that she loves to eat and that sometimes she is not satisfied with her weight gain, but that she does not worry as much as she enjoys the stage she is experiencing. In addition, she emphasized that people cannot be pleased because at the time they were criticized for their extreme thinness.

“At that time I practiced a lot of tennis. I stopped doing it because I got a little depressed about everything that was speculated, "he explained. “I never like anyone, I have already learned that. I have already turned 40 years old and I will not spend my whole life doing things for the pleasure of the people, I do not make [music] for it. I do it because it makes me happy, I love my job, making people happy, infecting them”.

Shaila Dúrcal
Shaila Dúrcal

For this he is working on a new album, which he hopes to release soon, in addition to that you have plans to mount an exhibition with his mother's dresses.

"Everything is well kept in Spain and we hope at some point to get them out because they are beautiful," he said.

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