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Simón León Presents Duet With Shaila Dúrcal

Simón León Presents Duet With Shaila Dúrcal
Simón León Presents Duet With Shaila Dúrcal

Video: Simón León Presents Duet With Shaila Dúrcal

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Simón León is not someone who gets involved in politics, his is music. But before the racist and outrageous statements of President Donald Trump, the Mexican singer expresses his sentiment.

“It is a very difficult subject, as a Mexican I get sad because we all have rights as people, as a worker. That kind of statement makes me sad and how they treat us because it makes me sad but we come with all the attitude, with all the desire to stay in the United States, to succeed in this beautiful region that also has its own. I really like the country, its quality of life, its rules, this country has beautiful things, "he said.

Getting to the United States had been a singer's dream since his teenage days, and that opportunity came along with his colleague and friend, the Spanish Shaila Dúrcal with the duet "One night is not enough for me."

“This beautiful duet opened the doors to the United States for me and it's a very beautiful thing. I feel like all those immigrants who come to work in the United States, I am part of them too,”he said. "What better than to bring them music and I feel at home, really."

However, his usual home where his three children, ages 4, 9 and 10, are waiting for him, is in the Aztec country, where he continues to work to be a prophet in his own land.

“In the end, the musical quality is what lasts. I hope it will be a job that will last a lifetime”, he pointed out.

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