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Yadhira Carrillo Answers Leticia Calderón

Yadhira Carrillo Answers Leticia Calderón
Yadhira Carrillo Answers Leticia Calderón

Video: Yadhira Carrillo Answers Leticia Calderón

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Video: Yadhira Carrillo habla de su relación con Leticia Calderón | Las Estrellas 2023, January

War has definitely broken out. The entry into prison of Juan Collado has caused a confrontation before the cameras of those who have been the two great women in his life. Leticia Calderón and Yadhira Carrillo had kept it but this situation has caused that both finally make public what they feel towards each other.

During her intervention in the Despierta América program on Tuesday, the Esmeralda protragonist spoke loudly and clearly about what she lived with her ex-husband and denied her current wife. Recall that a few weeks ago Yadhira assured that Juan was a great father who took his children to school every day before entering prison.

Some statements that according to Leticia have nothing to do with reality and that she flatly denied. In his turn to respond, the lawyer's current wife has counterattacked, maintaining her position at all times.

"Juan is waiting for his children from the first day," he said in a firm voice and without hesitation before the doubts that were put on the table these days that Leticia's children were not on the list. With this phrase Yadhira made it clear that the lawyer eagerly awaits to see his children whom he misses and with whom, despite what is said, he implies he maintains a close relationship.

Nothing to do with what was exposed by Leticia, who also spoke of her oldest son Carlo and how he felt "used" by other people to ensure uncertain things about the relationship with his father. That person to whom he refers is Yadhira, of whom he speaks for the first time but without mentioning his name.

What she did express before at the microphones is that she is a courageous mother and has always fought for her children, financially and personally. Carlo and Luciano have been his priority since their birth and after their separation he has lived devoted to them in body and soul. Something that ensures it will continue to happen regardless of who regrets it.

She acknowledges that everything that is happening is painful and that she is “surprised”, but she plans to continue pulling the car forward as she has always done without depending on anything or anyone.

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