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Leticia Calderón Reacts To Yadhira Carrillo's Statements

Leticia Calderón Reacts To Yadhira Carrillo's Statements
Leticia Calderón Reacts To Yadhira Carrillo's Statements

Video: Leticia Calderón Reacts To Yadhira Carrillo's Statements

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Video: Suelta La Sopa | Leticia Calderón reacciona a comentarios de Yadira Carrillo | Entretenimiento 2023, January

Each visit by Yadhira Carrillo to her husband Juan Collado in prison is a source of news. Always kind and open to the press, this time the lawyer's wife had no hair to speak of her husband's ex.

When asked by Leticia Calderón and her children, as a result of her relationship with Juan, the actress replied with some sadness that her partner misses them a lot because she is used to taking them to school every day.

However, at the moment Luciano and Carlo have not visited their dad. "I'm really telling you, I don't know where (Leticia) is, I don't know what she's doing," she explained to the cameras waiting for her in the prison. "She told me, 'I really miss Luciano and Carlo, he is having a very bad time in there," she says of her husband.

With these words, Yadhira confirms that for the moment there has been no communication. A few words to which Leticia has reacted immediately. First she posed with her offspring in a beautiful home photo in what looks like the living room of her house, making it very clear that they are calm as a family.

Shortly after, the protagonist of Esmeralda republished some of the most fun images and with a message where everything is said. No matter what is said about her, this is her feeling. "Be happy no matter what they will say. Life is one and you live once, be happy”, he has written.

She has written it together with a fun video of her singing the famous song "Who cares", by the Spanish Alaska, which was later performed by Thalía. The lyrics of the song are not wasted. "Who cares what I do, who cares what I say …". It is clear, dear Leticia.

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