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Kim Kardashian Studies To Pass A Lawyer Exam

Kim Kardashian Studies To Pass A Lawyer Exam
Kim Kardashian Studies To Pass A Lawyer Exam

Video: Kim Kardashian Studies To Pass A Lawyer Exam

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Video: Kim Kardashian's Journey To Becoming A Lawyer | Season 16 | Keeping Up With The Kardashians 2023, January

Kim Kardashian West was not playing when she announced that she was studying to be a lawyer. The socialite has dedicated herself not only to completing her independent studies to take the bar exam in 2022, but has also applied what she has learned to date to help those in need.

Among her earliest - and perhaps most notorious - accomplishments was the release of Alice Johnson, a grandmother facing life in prison for a drug offense. After learning of his case in October 2017, Kardashian West pleaded for his release to President Donald Trump, who upon hearing the case granted him clemency in June 2018.

This was the first case won for rapper Kanye West's wife, who was more than excited about the news.

Kim Kardashian West and Alice Johnson
Kim Kardashian West and Alice Johnson

The reality star has reportedly kept in touch with Johnson, whom she chose as a model for her latest SKIMS Shapewear girdle business, which she also launched in August.

After that pleasant experience, the mother of North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm has pledged to "fight for those who deserve a second chance", as she commented.

In May, during an episode of her popular reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians (E!), She explained that she reads letters she receives from inmates to decide who to help before sending cases to her lawyers to investigate whether they have a chance to get out - and if the story they tell in their missives is legitimate.

But despite his commitment to this cause, skeptics still question his ability because he didn't finish college. Kardashian West has not stood idly by and used her Twitter account to defend herself and explain the non-traditional process of becoming a lawyer, which includes registering with the bar and studying for four years a minimum of 18 hours a week to take monthly exams. Additionally, he conducts an internship with a law firm in San Francisco, CA.

"I want people to know that nothing should limit your search to achieve your dreams," he wrote on his page. "It is never too late to pursue your dreams."

Van Jones and Kim Kardashian
Van Jones and Kim Kardashian

According to Van Jones, host of The Redemption Project (CNN), Kardashian West has impressed him with his passion to become a lawyer.

"He takes cases very seriously. It is embarrassing to attend a meeting with Kim Kardashian where you are the lawyer and she is not, and she knows more than you, and that happens all the time, "said Jones, who graduated from the prestigious Yale University law school at Extra syndicated program. "She is so prepared, she is passionate, she reads the letters she receives and she always tries to see how she can help."

Although the work the businesswoman is doing is off camera, she likes to share her accomplishments. In May of this year, she published on Twitter that she was able to negotiate the release of another low-risk prisoner who was behind bars for more than two decades.

"We did it again! I had the best call with this lovely family and my lawyer who have just won the release of their beloved Jeffrey in Miami,”she wrote on her Twitter account. "She served 22 years in prison for a drug case … I am pleased to finance this life-saving work."

In July Kardashian West also met actor Momolu Stewart, who was charged with murder when he was 17 years old. After their meeting, she wrote a letter to the judge who was handling her case to ask for his release, which worked and the actor was released after 22 years behind bars, according to the Oxygen chain.

According to TMZ, the reality star has worked tirelessly at the local and federal levels to ensure inmates receive job and accommodation opportunities upon their release. In addition, she partnered with independent taxi company Lyft to get transportation to job interviews.

Asap Rocky and Kardashian West
Asap Rocky and Kardashian West

Kardashian West has also used her connections to help friends and last summer, she and her husband advocated for rapper A $ AP Rocky, who was arrested in Sweden. At her plea, President Trump agreed to help the singer and assured that she would call the country's prime minister to solve the problem, which worked and in August the rapper was already back in the United States, according to PEOPLE.

What will be your next case?

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