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Inés Gómez Mont Talks About Her Health

Inés Gómez Mont Talks About Her Health
Inés Gómez Mont Talks About Her Health

Video: Inés Gómez Mont Talks About Her Health

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Four years ago, Inés Gómez Mont was informed that she had two brain tumors. The first one was removed in 2017 without major complications and continuing with their usual tasks. However, on medical orders, the second grew and had to be removed; therefore, the driver announced that she underwent surgery on September 19. Now, she is recovering successfully in her home with her family.

“Nothing like being at home with the best vitamin in the world ……. my fleas [children],”wrote Gómez Mont on his Instagram account. "I still need rest but I'm really looking forward to coming back soon to beat them up."

Inés Gómez Mont
Inés Gómez Mont

He accompanied this text with an image where he appears on his bed, with bandages on his head and a tube on his nose. She is accompanied by her six children and they all wear pajamas.

The headline of the reality show Family in front of the fire took the opportunity to thank the displays of affection that friends, family and fans showed her affection for this delicate health situation she went through.

"Thank you for your love and your beautiful messages !!! God bless you”, he concluded.

In a previous statement, which she published on the same social network after her second surgery, the driver explained that she had been treated, both times, by neurosurgeon Alfredo Quiñones Hinojosa.

"With pleasure I can say that I [Alfredo Quiñones Hinojosa] owe my life," he explained in that document. “Today I am fully recovered and without any sequel. Ready to resume my life”.

It can be seen that Inés Gómez Mont is still in recovery, but surely, as she has mentioned, we will soon be able to see her back at work.

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