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Clarissa Molina's Beauty Tips
Clarissa Molina's Beauty Tips

Video: Clarissa Molina's Beauty Tips

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Thanks to the film that she starred with Ozuna, Qué León, and the sequel to this that is already in the post-production phase, Clarissa Molina has made the leap as an actress to the small and big screen. We take advantage of the fact that the Dominican woman lives one of her sweetest professional moments to talk to her about her basic and essential keys to beauty and the secret to keeping her best smile.

What three beauty products can not miss in your bag?

My Colgate Optic White Platinum toothpaste, and so if I have a coffee to wake up or a little wine to relax I don't worry that it will stain my teeth. [Also] a blush that is colored between pink and burgundy and lip balm, always.

Clarissa Molina
Clarissa Molina

Do you have a trick to make your smile look whiter?

One of the best things I have discovered to highlight the smile is to wear a very red lipstick, which I did not dare before. My favorite red lipstick is Ruby Woo, from MAC, it's spectacular.

Do you have a beauty habit that you have removed or want to remove?

I don't wear eyeliner anymore, I realized that my eyes were closing, that my eyelids were closed. I have already made the decision not to use more eyeliner.

What makes you smile the most?

Everything makes me happy, when people see me serious they worry. I love to smile, it rejuvenates you, it keeps you alive and transmits good things to the people around you.

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