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Patricia Rodríguez The Wife Of Ernesto Laguardia
Patricia Rodríguez The Wife Of Ernesto Laguardia

Video: Patricia Rodríguez The Wife Of Ernesto Laguardia

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Neither the 27 years they have been leading nor some bad professional moments have shaken the family that Patricia Rodríguez and Ernesto Laguardia have formed together with their three children: Bárbara, Emiliano and Santiago. Learn in this interview with the wife of the Mexican actor a little more about his wonderful love story, in which Cupid was nothing more and nothing less than Carla Estrada.

How did they meet?

I am from Miami, my neighbor was Carla Estrada, my dad is a good friend of Carla Estrada. One day they were changing departments and, still, they had no telephone or Internet. An interview had to come to her, about an artist, so the fax came to my house and my mom asked me to upload it. So, I uploaded it and there was Ernesto [Laguardia]. I was in pants, I had been in the gym, and he says' hello how are you? Pleasure; Carla introduces me. I give him the fax and when I leave he says 'I invite you out'; I said 'no thank you very much'. I got to my mom's house and I said 'mom a man invited me to have a coffee'. Time passed; I never saw him again. Three years later, at a wedding, I was accompanying my dad, and there I saw Ernesto; he was leaving, he approached me and said 'I know you're going to go to Carla's dad's party; I invite you'.I said 'yes it's fine' but I never gave him my phone or anything, like giving him a little length. At that time I was staying at my grandparents' house, on vacation. And grandfather tells me 'Ernesto Laguardia spoke to you to come for you to go to Carla's party'. I spoke to my mom and said, 'Mom, did Carla ask you for my grandparents' home phone number?' Said no'. I can not go to the party. He went to Europe, on a trip, we were writing and when he returned he invited me out. We start dating. My dad at first did not want me to go out with him, he said 'it takes you many years'. My dad went to Miami; I stayed in charge of my grandfather and told him 'Ernesto invited me out.' He told me 'my little daughter, your salt. Not that you were going to get married, don't worry. ' That's where everything stayed and after that date we got married,We have had three children.

Ernesto Laguardia
Ernesto Laguardia

How many years is Ernesto Laguardia older than you?

It takes me 27 years.

How does Ernesto Laguardia combine professional work and his life as a father?

I admire him a lot as an actor and a driver, but more as a dad. As a dad he is a dedicated man; it's always time [for your children]. Right now, for example, that she has a job, comes and tries to put them to bed or in the morning, so they wake up at 6 in the morning, to go to school, she wakes up with them. When we can, we will visit her on set, we will take her to eat; So, always, even if they are moments of many hours of work, he is worried about calling them and seeing how they are doing at school. He is very devoted to his children.

Ernesto Laguardia
Ernesto Laguardia

What do you like to do as a family?

We really like, on weekends, to ride a mountain bike and the children also really like to go for a walk, and actually spend time together. We really like taking them to museums and getting to know them. He loves teaching children about history and passing on to them everything his parents taught him. We spend a lot of time with the family. Nowadays, children are not dedicated to that time and Ernesto and I are very dedicated to them. The important thing is to be together, the plan that everyone has as an idea we try to balance.

Ernesto Laguardia
Ernesto Laguardia

What is your profession?

I'm designer. I studied graphic design and gemology. But what I do and I love are designs. Right now I am designing fabrics. I love all the creative part and the color, all that part.

What can you tell me about Ernesto Laguardia?

He has worked a long time and is always very dedicated to his work. He loves what he does and he does it well. I feel that, today, he does not like to say his age, nor that I say how many years we have been because he believes that it affects. I say no. But, sadly, we have seen that they do: they see an age number and they no longer want to give job opportunities. His work speaks for itself. Thanks to everyone who has supported him, to all the fans he has and to the people who have supported him in his career and I hope he has many more years of work because he loves what he does.

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